mulan sketch

I found this sketch of Mulan while I was re-organizing my computer =) When the movie first came out, people told me I look like her..

Sneak peak at Pooh

Here's a sneak peak of my Pooh for the 100 Acres, 100 Artists & Friends project!

Art of Disney Princess at D23

I got to see the samples of the published book with my artwork printed inside for the first time at D23!

Art of Disney Princess Signing day

I was invited to attend a day at D23 to do artist signing. I didn't know what to expect and went there half excited and the other half scared, but so many people lined up to meet me and get the post card signed!

Stitch at D23!

My Stitch was picked as a D23 exclusive figure and was displayed at the expo among with other great custom figures done by other artists!



D23 was a expo held at Anaheim, CA last year, where all the Disney fans gathered to look at the latest Disney art, products, and preview upcoming films. It was great to see all the fans at one place and also very proud to have been part of the Disney family =)

Pooh Project

I've been invited from Mindstyle to participate in the 100 Acre Wood, 100 Artists & Friends project!
I'm so excited to be part of this project, first because I LOVE Pooh :) and since I get to participate as an independent artist!


Happy Birthday to Me! :D

It's my first birthday since I moved to Korea! I'm so happy to have the family and friends who love me for who I am.. And thanks to my parents for giving me my life! :)


Snow White

Snow White sketch that I started for the Princess book but didn't submit it..

Stitch Finished!

Finished Stitch! I added my initials on the butt! hehe =D


Stitch 626 Project - WIP

This is the sketch that I started with before designing the Lilo cosplay Stitch figure. I've always loved Lilo as much as I loved Stitch, so I wanted to represent both of them :)

The blank Stitch vinyl figure from Mindstyle and my sketch of Lilo wearing Stitch costume! It was my first time customizing a vinyl figure, so it was very scary to start drawing on it!

Stitch figure in the process of painting! I changed Lilo's face while I was painting =) I realized how different the design looks on paper and on a 3D figure!


The Art of Disney Princess Gallery Event

To celebrate the launch of the book, a special gallery event was held at Zune LA where they displayed the artists' work and clothing/accessories that were inspired by the artwork!
Lots of people from the fashion industry and some of the celebrities came to the event.
Gallery area with the artists' work displayed. It was a good chance to meet the other artists at Disney who have contributed to the book.
The shirts and scarves were supposed to be sold at selected Kitson stores, but I still haven't found mine =( If anybody spots one, pls pls let me know! ;)
Me in front of my artwork! :)
Giant Cinderella dress made out of foil and paper and yummy finger foods!
How cool is this bathroom!!
I got to meet Lisa Loeb. She was so sweet and down to earth.
Picture on Examiner.com blog :)

You can see more photos from this event at www.nerdlike.com


The Art of Disney Princess

While I was at Disney, the artists were asked to create our own versions of Disney Princesses to be published in the Art of Disney Princess book. This was such a fun and exciting project for me, first because I LOVE drawing the princesses and secondly, I got to draw them as however I wanted to! I still couldn't believe my eyes when I finally saw the book with my artwork printed inside. I've never had any of my artwork published with my name on it!
Here are the pieces that are in the book which got published last year.