Happy Holidays~

Less than 10 days left until Christmas is here!
I love seeing all the Christmas lights and trees everywhere I go around this
time of the year! And one good thing about being in Korea is that you can always expect to have a white Christmas! Something that I couldn't have while I was living in LA.

Just wanted to share some photos that I took this morning outside my place :)



Lilo cosplay Stitch Figure

I don't think I ever posted pictures of my Stitch actually made into product. So here are some pictures that I took with my figures!
It's so cool to see my design actually made in production and all wrapped inside the box and everything!

Mindstyle sent me a box of them, so they're all sitting inside my room :)

hehe so cute!
This figure is actually a lot smaller than the original. So it fits on the palm of your hands!