Girl with a heart

As I mentioned, I'm trying to do more sketches in my free time at home.
So here's a quick photoshop sketch in a few different color variations.


Disney Characters - Sketches

I was looking through my old sketchbook and realized how long I've been abandoning my sketches inside, so I scanned some of them to post them here =)

And also realized I should be doing more sketches from now on!

I think the hardest thing about creating new artwork is to find an inspiration for it.
It seems like you always end up drawing the same thing that you like, or something that you're confident about drawing it.. then everything starts looking the same..
Which isn't a bad thing, but these days, I feel challenged to explore new styles and new inspirations to experiment with.
Maybe it's just a homework for all artists that never ends.

Here are some Disney character sketches from my sketchbook from few years ago =)

Tinkerbell and a bunny fairy

Cinderella and her glass slippers


Tumblr site open!

Hi, Now I have a tumblr site open! It's still WIP, but I will be updating it with more artwork, so please come visit! ;) Thank you!

Please follow me at http://najennya.tumblr.com/