Disney Girls Illustration

The thing I love about Disney characters is that they are very iconic. 
Cinderella's blue dress, Minnie's polka dots, Belle's rose, Ariel's red hair, and so on.. 
I also love seeing the iconic characters done in different styles.

These sketches below are my twist on Cinderella, Minnie, Tink, and Alice's iconic outfits, done in fashion illustration style! 


Zoobles Castle Playset

I'm always excited to see the product that I designed out in the stores! 

Here is the Zoobles Princess Castle playset that I designed for Spinmaster!

This castle looks like lots of fun!! :)

You can see the original sketches of the castle below. 
I love the little Zoobles Princess! 
She's so adorable!!! =)


Start Line Exhibition collaboration

Back in August, I participated in a collaboration project with the Coolrain Studio.    
Coolrain is the most famous figure artist in Korea, well-known for his 
NBA figure series by Mindstyle. 

The artists of the Coolrain studio create their own characters and bring them to life by turning them into collectible figures, all made by hand! 

At their 2nd exhibition, "Start Line", "Running Horns" figures created by the artist, UpTempo, were shown, along with the collaboration pieces done by other Korean artists, including me! =)

These are the "Running Horns" characters by UpTempo.

And here's my collaboration piece =)
I call it "Little Horns" =)

Please visit Coolrain and UpTempo's page and give them big support!

Pop Belle

Pop Belle artwork is now available through Acme Archives website! 

The background color has changed to purple =)

Pop Ariel - Second edition

A second version of Pop Ariel with pink flower is now available 
through Acme Archives website! 

Ariel Reflection

Just want to post some artwork that are now available in prints 
through Acme Archives website! 

This piece was published in the Art of Disney Princess book, and many people have been asking if this will be made into prints. 
So I'm so glad this became available online!

Here's the link!


Disney's Princess & Me Dolls

Disney Princess & Me dolls from Jakks Pacific are perfect dolls for the girls who always wished to have a Princess friend!

I was in charge of designing these dolls from the very beginning, so I'm so happy to see these come to life!  

They are so cute! :)

I will have to say, that the most satisfying part of my job is to see the product I designed being loved by kids.