Happy Holidays~

Less than 10 days left until Christmas is here!
I love seeing all the Christmas lights and trees everywhere I go around this
time of the year! And one good thing about being in Korea is that you can always expect to have a white Christmas! Something that I couldn't have while I was living in LA.

Just wanted to share some photos that I took this morning outside my place :)



Lilo cosplay Stitch Figure

I don't think I ever posted pictures of my Stitch actually made into product. So here are some pictures that I took with my figures!
It's so cool to see my design actually made in production and all wrapped inside the box and everything!

Mindstyle sent me a box of them, so they're all sitting inside my room :)

hehe so cute!
This figure is actually a lot smaller than the original. So it fits on the palm of your hands!


Lilo x Stitch at Miramar Shopping Center, Hong Kong

Mindstyle held an event at Miramar Shopping Center in Hong Kong where they displayed some of their figures inside the mall for the Christmas season.
There's my Lilo x Angel figure made into giant size being displayed on the left! And on the right is Disney artist Eric Tan's Tiki Stitch!

Imagining the kids taking pictures in front of my figures makes me so happy! :D I wish I could've been there to see them in person!
Here's Lilo x Stitch!
You can see more pictures from this event at Mindstyle's blog!

Princess T-Shirts!

My brother and my sister-in-law were shopping in Disneyland and found this shirt at a store there! It's my other Snow White artwork from the Art of the Disney Princess book!
I love that they made the shirt very stylish and not just a plain shirt! It'll go great with a pair of skinny's or I can see it with a layer of racerback tees underneath!
I will have to get a lot of these when I visit LA since I never got a chance to buy the first "Pop Snow White" shirt :(
This was the first and the only time I saw the shirt with my "Pop Snow White" art printed on it.. I heard they were supposed to be sold at Kitson, but never found them =(
The artwork was on a scarf as well..
If anybody has seen these, could you please let me know? :)


Pop Princesses Prints available on ACME's website!

Wow, that was quick! It was only about twoweeks ago I mailed back the prints signed, and they're already up online for purchase! Good news!
This is the first time I've been asked to do artwork to be sold under my name, so it's very exciting for me! I wish they do well, and I'll work on more of my own to keep this pace going!

I was told that these are also going to be sold inside Disney Cruise ships!
I've never been on the cruise so I'm jealous of my prints going on the ships instead of me.. heh
If anybody's going on the Disney Cruise and happen to stumble upon my artwork, could you please take a picture for me? I'm curious to see how they're displayed inside the ship!

Amazing thing is, that I've already gotten a few people going through the trouble to find me online and email me how they love my artwork and commented on these new Pop Princess artwork! I feel so flattered and blessed to hear that my art can bring something special to other people, and I thank you so much for those who wrote me!xoxo

You can view and purchase the Prints here:


Pop Princesses!

I did three more Disney Princesses in the same style as "Pop Snow White" for Acme Archives.
They are making prints of these artwork and sell them on their website and hopefully get into stores in Disneyland! *cross fingers*

So the prints have arrived and I signed about 30 pieces to ship them back to the U.S.
Ariel's sexy face~
Ariel, Aurora, and Cinderella
Each print has "Disney Underground" logo printed on the bottom
My signature! :)
I was very nervous signing these with a Sharpie... whew~!
These limited edition "Pop Princess" prints will be available soon online through Acme Archives, so please check back soon!!


Hello Kitty Needle Felt doll!

I've been wanting to make something at home as a hobby.. and I found out about needle felting. It's actually very easy and you can learn this by just looking through tutorials on the internet!
You only need a special needle felting needle, foam board(to work on so you don't stab yourself!), and a set of wool in your favorite colors!
For my first project, I decided to make my favorite, Hello Kitty!
You start by layering strips of wool and rolling it into a shape you want.
And then you start poking it with the needle and you'll feel the wool getting hard and forming a shape.
After I made the Kitty's face, I put her big pink bow!
And finish it up by adding her face details
Ta da~
I love it! It's like sculpting with cotton candy! hehe
Everyone who's looking for an easy hobby at home, you should try it!


Another Ariel art

Here's another version of Ariel for ACME prints.

Pop Princesses

ACME has asked me to create more artwork in the same style as "Pop Snow White" that I've done for the Art of Disney Princess book.
So I did Cinderella, Aurora, and Ariel in this style!
The prints will be available thru ACME's website soon!


Lilo Cosplay x Angel figure

Disney Stores and Mindstyle created another figure based on my Lilo x Stitch figure. This time, it's Lilo dressed up as Angel, Stitch's girlfriend =)


Pop Snow White on ACME Archives

ACME Archives is selling the print of "Pop Snow White" on their website.
If you click on the "Shop" on the top of this page, I put a direct link there =)
I'm also working on other princesses in this style as a series, so please check back on their site if you'd like to purchase them!


mulan sketch

I found this sketch of Mulan while I was re-organizing my computer =) When the movie first came out, people told me I look like her..

Sneak peak at Pooh

Here's a sneak peak of my Pooh for the 100 Acres, 100 Artists & Friends project!

Art of Disney Princess at D23

I got to see the samples of the published book with my artwork printed inside for the first time at D23!

Art of Disney Princess Signing day

I was invited to attend a day at D23 to do artist signing. I didn't know what to expect and went there half excited and the other half scared, but so many people lined up to meet me and get the post card signed!

Stitch at D23!

My Stitch was picked as a D23 exclusive figure and was displayed at the expo among with other great custom figures done by other artists!



D23 was a expo held at Anaheim, CA last year, where all the Disney fans gathered to look at the latest Disney art, products, and preview upcoming films. It was great to see all the fans at one place and also very proud to have been part of the Disney family =)

Pooh Project

I've been invited from Mindstyle to participate in the 100 Acre Wood, 100 Artists & Friends project!
I'm so excited to be part of this project, first because I LOVE Pooh :) and since I get to participate as an independent artist!


Happy Birthday to Me! :D

It's my first birthday since I moved to Korea! I'm so happy to have the family and friends who love me for who I am.. And thanks to my parents for giving me my life! :)