Disney's Princess & Me Dolls

Disney Princess & Me dolls from Jakks Pacific are perfect dolls for the girls who always wished to have a Princess friend!

I was in charge of designing these dolls from the very beginning, so I'm so happy to see these come to life!  

They are so cute! :)

I will have to say, that the most satisfying part of my job is to see the product I designed being loved by kids. 

Pop Belle - Work in Progress

Pop Belle piece coming soon! ;)

New Rapunzel Sketches

I'm currently working on Pop Rapunzel piece, and I've been going back and forth on so many poses already! 

The good news is, that I think I've finally decided on "the one" from today's sketches! yay!
This is the one I'm going to use for Pop Rapunzel.
Hope everyone will like it once I'm done! ;)

 This was another option, but I would like to turn this one into something more graphic :)

And just some random sketches..
I love her big eyes and the flowy hair! 


Ariel Reflections Shirt-Available at Disney Stores!

Pictures of the Ariel Reflections shirt from Disneystore.com

The style of the shirt itself looks a little different than the one below, but it still looks cute! =)