Disney's Princess & Me Dolls

Disney Princess & Me dolls from Jakks Pacific are perfect dolls for the girls who always wished to have a Princess friend!

I was in charge of designing these dolls from the very beginning, so I'm so happy to see these come to life!  

They are so cute! :)

I will have to say, that the most satisfying part of my job is to see the product I designed being loved by kids. 


  1. Are you going to be putting any more princess' out? Kida from atlantis, Mulan, Pocahontas, Megara, Jasmine, Esmeralda, etc. Thank you for your time.

  2. It looks beautiful, the way the dolls look like their owner. Girls will love this dolls that looks like them. It seems like a mini me doll, that inspired by those fictional fairy tale character princesses.

  3. Did u ever think about making a freelance doll line based off of Gossip Girl, I would love to see a doll form of Blair, Serena, or Jenny

  4. I bought Ariel for my niece last year for Christmas. It's her favorite doll ever!

    Thanks for making me a kick-ass aunt