"Ariel Reflection" Prints

I'm so happy to say that my Ariel piece - "Ariel Reflection" is going to be available as prints through ACME!

I signed them specially with gold pen, so hope you enjoy! :)


  1. Hi there Jenny!

    I just picked this one up on canvas yesterday in Downtown Disney. I just couldn't resist, it's so gorgeous! Anyway, I was wondering - do you have plans to make any more in this style of any of the other princesses? I would LOVE to have more!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much! I didn't know they are already at Downtown Disney!
    I don't have plans yet to create other Princesses in this style, but I might to other characters of my own in this style ;)

  3. Have you done any tinker bell and are the available

  4. One of the ladies that works at the store in downtown disney told me they were sold out of these already (11-24-11). wish i could have got one, ended up buy the pop art Ariel... great work

  5. You might be able to get it here: http://www.disneystudioart.com/product/WDINT210/Ariel-Reflection.html?cid=483

    I was lucky enough to get one the same day it was out. Good luck! :)

  6. Thanks so much for all your support! You could try ACMEArchivesdirect.com too!