The Art of Disney Princess Gallery Event

To celebrate the launch of the book, a special gallery event was held at Zune LA where they displayed the artists' work and clothing/accessories that were inspired by the artwork!
Lots of people from the fashion industry and some of the celebrities came to the event.
Gallery area with the artists' work displayed. It was a good chance to meet the other artists at Disney who have contributed to the book.
The shirts and scarves were supposed to be sold at selected Kitson stores, but I still haven't found mine =( If anybody spots one, pls pls let me know! ;)
Me in front of my artwork! :)
Giant Cinderella dress made out of foil and paper and yummy finger foods!
How cool is this bathroom!!
I got to meet Lisa Loeb. She was so sweet and down to earth.
Picture on Examiner.com blog :)

You can see more photos from this event at www.nerdlike.com

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