Stitch 626 Project - WIP

This is the sketch that I started with before designing the Lilo cosplay Stitch figure. I've always loved Lilo as much as I loved Stitch, so I wanted to represent both of them :)

The blank Stitch vinyl figure from Mindstyle and my sketch of Lilo wearing Stitch costume! It was my first time customizing a vinyl figure, so it was very scary to start drawing on it!

Stitch figure in the process of painting! I changed Lilo's face while I was painting =) I realized how different the design looks on paper and on a 3D figure!


  1. I love Stitch! I think this is the best and cutest figure I've ever seen! I was wondering if you can let me know what kind of paint to use or other ways to put color on to a create your own figure? Thanks!

  2. Thanks! I used spray paint for the body and acrylic for the face and the small areas. =)

  3. Where did you get the stitch vynil figure? Great work btw :D

    1. I only have artist pieces. Thank you!