Sketch inspired by Givenchy Fall 2012 Couture dress

When I saw the Givenchy Fall 2012 couture collection, I was wow-ed by how beautiful the dresses were and wanted to draw them!

I love the sheers and all the embellishments on the dresses!

I started sketching with pencil very roughly and scanned into photoshop to add some colors.
I feel like whenever I erase the messy lines and the smudges from the sketch, it kind of looses the feel from the original sketch on the paper. I wish photoshop can automatically clean up the images just the way I like it! =D
I actually like this version with rough pencil and just touches of color, but I wanted to show the sheer skirt part of the dress, so I added a bright color background and made the dress blue =)

Here is the fully colored version! Which one do you like? =)

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