Pop Princesses Prints available on ACME's website!

Wow, that was quick! It was only about twoweeks ago I mailed back the prints signed, and they're already up online for purchase! Good news!
This is the first time I've been asked to do artwork to be sold under my name, so it's very exciting for me! I wish they do well, and I'll work on more of my own to keep this pace going!

I was told that these are also going to be sold inside Disney Cruise ships!
I've never been on the cruise so I'm jealous of my prints going on the ships instead of me.. heh
If anybody's going on the Disney Cruise and happen to stumble upon my artwork, could you please take a picture for me? I'm curious to see how they're displayed inside the ship!

Amazing thing is, that I've already gotten a few people going through the trouble to find me online and email me how they love my artwork and commented on these new Pop Princess artwork! I feel so flattered and blessed to hear that my art can bring something special to other people, and I thank you so much for those who wrote me!xoxo

You can view and purchase the Prints here:

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