Pop Princesses!

I did three more Disney Princesses in the same style as "Pop Snow White" for Acme Archives.
They are making prints of these artwork and sell them on their website and hopefully get into stores in Disneyland! *cross fingers*

So the prints have arrived and I signed about 30 pieces to ship them back to the U.S.
Ariel's sexy face~
Ariel, Aurora, and Cinderella
Each print has "Disney Underground" logo printed on the bottom
My signature! :)
I was very nervous signing these with a Sharpie... whew~!
These limited edition "Pop Princess" prints will be available soon online through Acme Archives, so please check back soon!!


  1. These are INCREDIBLE! I loved your Pop Snow White one so much and am thrilled to see you're expanding on the concept. Keep up the amazing work. <3