Hello Kitty Needle Felt doll!

I've been wanting to make something at home as a hobby.. and I found out about needle felting. It's actually very easy and you can learn this by just looking through tutorials on the internet!
You only need a special needle felting needle, foam board(to work on so you don't stab yourself!), and a set of wool in your favorite colors!
For my first project, I decided to make my favorite, Hello Kitty!
You start by layering strips of wool and rolling it into a shape you want.
And then you start poking it with the needle and you'll feel the wool getting hard and forming a shape.
After I made the Kitty's face, I put her big pink bow!
And finish it up by adding her face details
Ta da~
I love it! It's like sculpting with cotton candy! hehe
Everyone who's looking for an easy hobby at home, you should try it!

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  1. Wow, you make it sound so simple? Have you always been artistic? I love hello kitty and would love to make her by needle felting... but I'm not artistic.